Kanji 海咲
Rōmaji Misaki
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 26
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Family Ayumi (future husband)
Anime Information
Anime Debut Episode 1
JP Seiyuu Miina Tominaga
English Voice Actor Maggie Flecknoe
Misaki (海咲), later adopting the full name of Misaki Ayami, is a minor character in the series Tsuritama. She is an expert in the field of fishing gear and runs the local fishing and rental supply store.



Misaki is a young woman with a pretty face and a very cheerful personality. She is very open and kind to others. She runs the fish shop and helps out many people. It is noted that Ayumi, a young man who is the shop's boat captain, has a crush on her and is always trying to impress her as well as protect her.



Trivia Edit

  • Her three sizes are 95.62.90.


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