Kanji 平八
Rōmaji Heihechi
Character Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown, likely over 60
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Family Erika (granddaughter)
Anime Information
Anime Debut Episode 1
JP Seiyuu Toshio Furukawa
English Voice Actor Carl Masterson
Heihachi (平八 Heihachi) is a minor character in the series Tsuritama. He is Enoshima's town mayor and Erika's grandfather.

Appearance Edit

Heihachi is an elderly, short man, with a thin structure and face. Because of his old age, he has wrinkles, and washed out, darker skin. His hair color is gray, further signifying his old age, and he has furry, thick eyebrows, with a small, gray goatee. Heihachi's hair is generally bowl-cutted at the top, and curves out just below his ears. More often than not he wears sunglasses with red rims and dark shades, with small yellow stars on the outer ends of the top shades.

His traditional shrine outfit consists of one that looks similar to his granddaughter's, however, it is more laid-back and casual, with a white, baggy top, and purple bottom. He usually wears pink sandals. In the final episodes, he wears a red and orange Hawaiian shirt and brown shorts.

Personality Edit

Heihachi is initially a very reserved, respected old man that leads the town. He is shown to be very dedicated to Enoshima and it's history, taking in it's history in a strong accord, believing that even the dragon in Enoshima's history was real. Heihachi believes this tale to such a large extent that he is willing to try and convince the D.U.C.K. members that it is once again history trying to relive itself, and that they needed to have a sacrifice in order to please the dragon.

Aside from his devotion to Enoshima's history, Heihachi is shown to be a jokester, and loves to make puns.


His general history is unknown, including how he became town mayor, why he is so devoted, etc. However, he has been cracking puns his entire life. [1]


Main Cast

Akira Agarkar Yamada

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